Wallbed Accessories
Wallbed Accessories
Customize your space solutions with:
A. 39-1/2''h cabinet with 3 drawers and a lighted drop-lid nightstand; cedar-backed closet space above with pole and 2 shelves.
B. 39-1/2''h dresser with 5 drawers; cedar-backed closet above with pole and 2 shelves. 
C. 50''h dresser with 7 drawers; cedar backed closet above with shelf.
D. 29''h dresser with 4 drawers; bookcase above with lighted drop-lid desk.
16''w x 22''d: $999 — 22''w x 22''d: $1,099 — 28''w x 22''d Pricing starting at...$1,199

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