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2011 – email
Last night's sleep was wonderful, and I've already started filling up all the wonderful storage I have. They did show me where everything was, and all the cool features of the set. I was further impressed by the inclusion of extension cords to reclaim the lost outlets. I have since been preaching the gospel of Roomax to anyone that will listen. Thank you again and I look forward to sending as many people your way as possible. 
– M R, San Francisco
2011 – Dear Astrid,
Thanks to you and the Roomax team for heroic efforts in repairing the door for my wall unit in #1405! Enclosed find the check for the repair.

Also, I have left the contact information for Roomax with the new owner. She is familiar with Roomax and may also be a client!

Thank you for a wonderful experience with your product.
- L C, San Francisco

WOW! That says it all regarding the quality of your workmanship, your efficiency, your attention to details and to the warm feeling I have having you as my contractors/business persons.

You did an outstanding job. Congratulations on a job well done.

I can't wait to fill all the cabinets but as you can see, I have and am writing from a beautiful desk. I've already ordered a plastic top from Tap Plastics which I will pick up tomorrow (can't mar this gorgeous wood)! All four file drawers are filled (a few boxes less from the bedroom). . .bvvp (oops, that last word was Blackjack crossing my Apple keyboard!) Now both B. and Cool are exploring the cupboards (ur, bookcases) above the desk. Each is sitting in the lower compartments. I may have to allot those two lower drawers for cats! (Hmmmmmmm!)

Again, many thanks for all that you do. If you ever need recommendations, call on me. I'm just ecstatic about my new room, but most of all about your excellent work from start to finish.

– C W, San Francisco

2011 – Yelp review
I have purchased multiple items from Roomax: a beautiful, walnut home office system for my computer, printer, scanner, etc. complete with cabinets and bookshelves that spans the entire length of the room (in 3 sections); matching files cabinets, etc. I have moved 3 times since purchasing 18 years ago, and the office system still looks beautiful after multiple assembling. The quality is superb, the service outstanding. Roomax also did my master closet in my new home, making a not very large closet the most functional and enjoyable imaginable - fitting all my clothes and shoes, and they gave me build in laundry baskets as well. Astrid, the owner, is a great designer. Roomax furniture is a great value - it is REAL wood, amazing construction and lasts FOREVER! 
– C J, various cities

2011 – Yelp review
Astrid was terrific! She created for me just what I needed in my very small condo and even provided me with ideas and concepts that I wouldn't have thought of myself. The final product exceeded my expectations. Great quality and looks terrific - custom wall bed, custom drop table, wardrobe, coat closet and shoe closet. I would definitely recommend working with Astrid, especially for a small living space. 
– F C, Oakland

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