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Closets & Bookcases in San Francisco, CA

A bookcase can do wonders to give your living room or bedroom that extra bit of space you’ve been looking for. Stow your books, memorabilia, or pictures on our beautiful and space-saving bookcases. Plus, create an additional area for storage with our closets! All of our pieces are particle board-free, so you won’t have to worry about premature wear and tear.

Our Selection 

Don't be limited by bookcases that are a bit too big or too small for your space. Our 12" deep bookcases come in over 48 standard sizes, from 12"w x 29"h to 44"w x 93"h. And if that still isn't quite right, we can make custom sizes to fit your needs. Our modular designs allow you to create an elegant yet affordable built-in look. Extra shelves, as well as single or double doors in wood or glass, are available.

Bookcase Prices: From $129 to $759
Space Closets
Create a closet that fits your space with our combination of furniture-quality hardwood dressers, shelves and hanging closet tops. Our modular pieces are specially designed for easy transportation and installation in even the smallest spaces. Depths range from 12" to 22", widths from 12" to 72" and heights from 79" to 93". Don't let your space limit your imagination!

Space Closet Group (as shown) Includes 3 space closets with poles/shelves, 12-drawer dresser with closet-top and corner unit

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